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Wouldn't you like working with us in a challenging environment?

We aim to be a competitive, professional team striving to place ourselves in the global market.


We are looking for individuals who will persevere to bring the best out of our products.
Our team comprises of members with distinctive skills, each with a background on either programming, art or MBA. . All the members are spirited and exhuberant. To advance into uncharted markets, in addition to the passion of each member, partnership between team members is plays a big role. Hitokuse Inc. has a culture that actively encourages challenge to its members.


The best product from the best team.


We are currently looking for members listed below


Business content
  • Development, design and maintenance of the advertising system management (Ruby on Rails)
  • Development of rich media ad formats (JavaScript)
  • Infrastructure architecture and maintenance (AWS, Hadoop, fluentd, nginx)
  • Technical Sales (System cooperation, systems consulting, etc.)
  • Technical Sales (System cooperation, systems consulting, etc.)
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Hadoop, fluentd, nginx
  • Others: Git, UNIX
Message from CTO

We always continue to develop our system to meet the market demands. Therefore, we welcome people who have a broad perspective and willingness to challenge new technology. In addition, because we consult and collaborate with clients or other companies’ engineers, communication skills are also required. Our job is very exciting and, it is rewarding to maximize revenue by fusing technology together with business. We are looking forward to your application.

Chief Technology Officer Nagao Shun

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Business content
  • User interface construction of management system.
  • Effective rich media advertising creation
  • Creative Production Consulting
  • Creation of various materials
  • UI/UX building
  • Image and video editing(Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effect, etc.)
  • HTML、CSS、Javascript
Message from design manager

In order to provide the marketing demands of our customers, we have constructed a platform for creating and editing excellent creatives. The mission of the designer as a team member is to make our platform massive and appealing for the publishers to be satisfied and to make designers use our platform easily and effectively.
In other words, the total design solution is a product of our clients' various standpoints. If you wish to get involved in all phases of the customers’ actions and solve the problem by design, then we are certainly looking forward to your application.

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Business content
  • Analysis of advertising efficiency
  • Planning and execution of advertising products sales strategy
  • Alliance with new customers (distribution partners, distributors, etc.)
  • Sales promotion with the existing partners (Consulting, seminars, etc.)
  • Data-driven research capability
  • Strategic ability and macro-vision
  • Has the initiative
  • Communication skills to gain the trust of customers
Skills that can be used
  • Sales experience in the advertising and marketing industry
  • Organizational management experience
Message from business manager

Hitokuse Inc. has endless opportunities to accept your challenges, because we are currently in drastic development process. Within the context of high complexity, the best strategy and innovative approach are necessary. I think there is real excitement in working in this startup as member of this team. As a result of your actions and ideas, you will help mold the future of the company. In such a stimulating environment, we are looking forward to working with innovative, risk-taking individuals.

President Wataru Miyazaki

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