Our Services

Through state-of-the-art technology, we strive to help our customers make up the best advertising.

We provide the digital advertisement creative solution with the forefront technology in a dynamically changing market.
We aim to bridge some gaps between art and advertisement and to make ads more appealing and attractive.

As a solution to improve the advertising efficiency of display advertising,
we provide rich media ads, video ads and dynamic native ads.

Smart Canvas

Platform for rich media ads

Smart Canvas is a platform for production, delivery, and analysis of rich media ads. You can deliver rich media ads created on Smart Canvas through multiple Networks and DSP. Rich media ads that are abundant in an expression such as animation and video are expected to improve advertising effectivity.

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Get all the display ads native

Chameleon is the native advertisement system which analyzes the information design of the website and generates ads in mimicry of the website design. The ads are automatically optimized to each website, thus maximizing the effectiveness of ads. Chameleon native ads can be delivered through multiple ad networks.

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Video advertisement service that uses ambient data

FITAD is a new digital advertising service, which enables our clients to access “ambient data” (variety of information related to users’ daily life and mood) easily, such as news keywords, search trends, TV schedules, weather forecasts. Besides, FITAD search for the highest quality advertising videos created by professionals. Based on users’ ambient data, FITAD provides the right ad to the right person at the right time to make digital ads more likable.
(Jointly developed with CRAFTAR Inc., Hakuhodo DY media partners Inc., and Hakuhodo Inc.)

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Rich ad banners that are enjoyable and likable

BANNER REVOLUTION is the first of Dentsu Digital Advanced Creative Solutions, jointly developed by Hitokuse and Dentsu Digital. BANNER REVOLUTION a makes it easy to create and distribute dynamic and creative banner ad designs that match the timing and users using a unique template.

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Keyword-linked next-generation ad network

AdPicker automatically discovers keywords that are likely to lead to purchases from a vast amount of Web content and conducts auctions to deliver advertisements. Media can make more money by using AdPicker with existing ad networks such as Google Adsense. AdPicker understands the content by text-mining all pages of the Web content, and displays advertisements based on keywords that match the project, thus realizing highly accurate content targeting.

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